Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grant Hill's Retirement

18-year NBA veteran Grant Hill finally calls a quits to his outstanding basketball career.  As a Pistons season ticket holder, I witnessed some of his best days.  However, I was so young that I can hardly remember watching the all-star.

Grant Hill played his first six seasons as a Detroit Piston.  I know the organization would have liked for him to stay longer.  Fortunately for Detroit, they used his departure to help them become a championship contender and the eventual NBA Champions.

Aside from that, Grant Hill was a tremendous all-around player.  Hill produced at an efficient rate immediately when he came into the league.  After six seasons averaging 20 points or higher, Hill never managed to score that much again because of an injury that disrupted his career.

However, Hill impressively was able to get back into the game and stick around for 12 more years.  Hill found other ways to be effective outside of scoring.  He was still known as a highly valuable player because of his hustle and teamwork.  Hill was a sound playmaker and he was one of the most efficient rebounders for his size.

We take this time to acknowledge and appreciate the impact Grant Hill made on this league.  Hill was widely respected throughout the league because of his sympathetic gestures for people.  If it wasn't for Hill's attitude off the court, he probably would not have made it this long.

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