Saturday, July 6, 2013

Detroit Pistons land Josh Smith in hopes of better days

There are a LOT of mixed feelings about Josh Smith.  There are some Piston fans that are hopeful after this acquisition and there are others who may be disgusted.  Smith has been a controversial locker room-guy throughout much of his career but he has been pushing for a change of scenery the last couple years in Atlana.  My verdict: if the Pistons are trying to win now (and they are), signing 27-year-old Josh Smith is a very good move for them.
I love the potential of this future front-court: Josh Smith, Greg Monroe, and Andre Drummond.  That’s not just because it sounds good.  Let me give you a few reasons why this could give the Pistons a promising starting lineup:
Size, size, and more size: Do not ever over-think size.  Even through the rough few years this organization has had, the Pistons have tried hard to keep their physical defensive identity.  Monroe and Drummond are both very good at rebounding the ball and Josh Smith makes that front court even more intimidating.  Smith and Monroe both strive off of contact and they are not afraid to take a hit.  Just as you want big linebackers and linemen in football, you want big, powerful guys in basketball because they win games and, ultimately, championships.
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Smith brings leadership to a young squad: Smith definitely makes some questionable decisions here and there.  A lot of those decisions happen to be ill-advised shots.  But hey, at least he isn’t afraid to shoot the ball.  The Pistons haven’t had anyone in the past few years who was willing to take 15-20 shots a game.  Although Smith is a veteran, he is still only 27 years old and just starting the prime of his career.  Also, Smith is probably the best basketball brain on the team, now.  If you have watched his game closely over the years, you can see that he really knows the X’s and O’s of basketball.
Proven talent: Josh Smith may have never made the all-star team, but make no mistake: Josh Smith is a borderline all-star caliber player.  The 6-9 combo forward can do just about everything; although he isn’t a particularly efficient shooter, he finds many ways to score.  He is also an athletic freak and he uses that ability to block shots, play the passing lanes, and finish strong at the basket.  He has been an effective player long enough to know that he does bring a lot of value to a team in need of it.
There are plenty of fans that have been so disgruntled that they’ve turned their back on the team and stopped watching games.  Yes, Joe Dumars has made some very questionable decisions and he may have struck out on a few players he thought would succeed with the team.  Some of that may have been a result of him rushing and being so eager to make this team viable again.  However, it sure isn’t easy to run an NBA franchise considering how competitive the NBA is.  But I truly believe this move will put Detroit back on the map.

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