Monday, May 27, 2013

Miami puts on a show in Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Pacers fans were ready to rock in Game 3 as their team was undefeated at home heading up to that game.  Little did they know that it wouldn't be as easy as they expected.  Well, maybe some of them knew...because they should have.  I mean, they are playing against the 4-time MVP and clearcut best player on the planet along with the man formerly known as "Flash."

Miami was firing on ALL cylinders last night.  Indiana is known as a superior defensive team but Miami flipped that image pretty well last night.  LeBron and D-Wade looked like they were in practice. Udonis Haslem was draining shots left and right and Birdman continued his perfect shooting display.

Miami managed to cancel out Roy Hibbert and David West with their undeniable offense.  Miami was just......well, they were just what they are advertised to be....


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